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Thanks for joining us for the 2018 Seacoast Century!

Here is the date to save:
2019 Seacoast Century weekend. September 20-22.

2019 Election - Vote before October 8 at noon or at the October 8 GSW General meeting.

It's not too late to RSVP for the Saturday, Nov. 3 Banquet and Awards Dinner!

The new deadline is October 27
Scoll down for menu ordering and payment information.

Rides Calendar Summary for September and October
Ride Details are sent to all members and guests upon request

Please email the GSW Office for a listing so you can try our rides
and then join the club!

2018 GSW Social Information & Schedule

Meetings are normally planned for once a month from 7-9 p.m. The agenda is flexible but usually follows some basic guidelines:

Introduction of all attendees
Brief review of recent and upcoming GSW events
Update on BWA-NH bicycling advocacy and education efforts
Short program on bike maintenance, products, nutrition, cycling tips,etc.
Question and answer period
Social time to “mix and mingle”

Free snack items including pizza are provided by the GSW.

Mark your calendars and join us for a full season of interesting meetings in different places. Please see our listing of GSW Sponsors for exact locations and phone numbers.

Monday, September 10
7:00-9:00 pm meeting
Concord Crossing
2 Whitney Road, Suite 11
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 898 - 5479

Monday, October 8
7:00-9:00 pm meeting
Concord Crossing
2 Whitney Road, Suite 11
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 898 - 5479

See directions to Concord Crossing on Meetings Page

Ideas for agenda items / speakers for the Social Information Meetings are always welcome.

As for all GSW general meetings, members and guests are welcome to socialize, meet Board members and ride leaders, learn more about the club, and enjoy some free snacks.

For more information about a meeting or the club in general, contact the Granite State Wheelmen at:,
or call 603-898-5479.

GSW Board of Directors

2018 GSW Banquet & Awards

Date :  Saturday November 3, 2018

Time : 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Where :
Stark Brewery Company
500 Commercial St.
Manchester, NH

Sign up for the event by October 27, 2018

Go to Stark Brewing Company
Select your menu, under Stark sandwiches or Stark Burgers
Add 9% meals tax
Email name and menu selected to

Credit card payments

Go to Membership Info
Go to On-line payments
Select Other payments.

Check Payments

Granite State Wheelmen
PMB 216
215 South Broadway
Salem NH 03079-3309

Interested in assisting with event or have information for possible event speaker then contact

Phil Rose
GSW Banquet & Awards Coordinator

2019 Election-Candidates for GSW Leadership Positions
as of August 1, 2018, open to more candidates

The annual GSW election occurs during the October 8 th General Meeting which will be held at Concord Crossing. Here are the candidates for 2019 GSW Officer and Board positions who have been identified to date. The door is still open for additional candidates until September 30, 2018. Special thanks to the Club members who have offered to serve in GSW Officer and Board positions. We are still looking for a candidate for Treasurer and a Seacoast Century Coordinator. We have more than one candidate for several positions. To volunteer for ANY position, please contact Donna Hepp from the Nominating Committee at or 414-258-3287.

All positions are open for any GSW member wishing to devote a little time and valuable skills to help the club move ahead in 2019. About five hours a month can make a big difference!

Position Candidates


President Bernie Fournier

Vice President Phil Rose and David Holmander

Recording Secretary Terry Barnum

Social Secretary Joanna Bligh

Treasurer OPEN

 Standing Committees :

Banquet & Awards Coordinator Phil Rose

Charity & Invitational Coordinator Laurie Daley

Club Mileage and Commuting Mileage Hetty Andrews

GSW Office Assistant Judi Hull

Merchandising Chairperson Joanna Bligh

Memberships / Office Dave Topham

Newsletter Editor Laurie Daley

Newsletter Mailing Dave Topham

Publicity Coordinator Patty Tompkins

Rides Coordinator Mark St. Denis

Safety & Education Coordinator OPEN

Seacoast Century General Coordinator OPEN

Seacoast Century Volunteer Coordinator OPEN

Web Publisher Barbara Amos

Weekend Events Marguerite Orazi

An electronic ballot will be forwarded to all GSW members on October 1 st. This will be a fillable PDF and needs to be forwarded electronically or mailed to Nominating Committee ( to be received by October 8 th at noon. The mailing address is 181 Leavitt Rd., Belmont, NH 03220. The ballot will contain the candidates and a short statement from each of the Officer candidates. For those that have not already sent in a ballot, a vote will be taken at the October 8th General meeting to be tallied with the forwarded ballots.

Congratulations to Dave Topham!

On June 1st, Dave Topham received the NH Governor's Council on Physical Activity and Health's Outstanding Achievement Award!  Most of you know Dave as one of the founders of Granite State Wheelmen and Bike-Walk Alliance of NH.  As Scot Foster, Community Strategies Coordinator, NH Department of Health and Human Services said in his introduction of  Dave, "he is everything cycling, but he's also a great person and a true professdional."  Dave has been on virtually every committee related to walking and biking in New Hampshire. Among many other accomplishments, Dave was instrumental in getting the "3-foot law" passed that requires motorists to keep a safe distance from cyclists.  You would be hard-pressed to find a bicycle and/or a pedestrian advocacy-related activity that Dave Topham did not have a hand in or in some way helped make successful.
The NH Governor's Council on Physical Activity & Health was formed in 1991 by Executive Order of Governor Judd Gregg and has been continued by those holding the Governor's office since then.

                              Keep on pedaling Dave!

Outreach Continues for GSW Leadership Positions

We are looking for candidates for GSW President, Vice President and Treasurer. Clearly, with an Acting Vice President and Recording Secretary as the only active GSW officers, we need some help here folks. If you are considering serving as a Club Officer and would like more information or have a suggestion on a potential candidate, contact Donna at or phone (414) 837-8976.

On the plus side, we are pleased to have Joanna Bligh step up to serve as our Social Secretary.  We also thank Heather Hesse and Marty Janoschek for agreeing to serve as Social Media leads working with our new Publicity Chair Patty Tompkins.  Having four new volunteers this year is great, but we still need a Merchandise Coordinator and Safety-Education Chair to fill our Board.  Please contact Donna Hepp   (414) 258-3287 if you can help or suggest names for potential volunteers .

Gravel bikes and rail trails are “In” – so where do you go?

The State of NH has an ever-expanding network of rail trails, some paved, most hard-packed gravel thanks to thousands of volunteer hours and private funds combined with some Federal and State grants. The most ambitious and longest project is the Granite State Rail Trail from Salem to Lebanon, some 115 miles which is about 60% completed now but the sections are not all connected. To view the details of surface, parking, trailheads, etc., visit the Facebook page at:

If you wish to explore unpaved, gravel roads in scattered locations around the state to stay away from most distracted drivers without “being confined” to a rail trail, check out the new unpaved road layer on the NHDOT on-line Interactive Bicycle Route Map and instructions at:

To learn more about specific NH roads including who owns and maintains them, average daily traffic counts, and more, visit:

Information available via the above resources can make your cycling.

Nashua River Rail Trail

Rail Trails Picking Up Steam

Have you noticed all the development of NH rail trails in recent years – and the number of bicyclists, walkers, runners, roller-bladers, and skateboarders using them? Users of all ages from 5 to 95 are seen out there on the non-motorized rail trails. Just getting away from drunk, drugged, distracted, and deliberately-aggressive motorists can be a prime reason in popularity while health, exercise, lack of noise, fumes, and dust pollution are more reasons. Of course, rail trails are not for everyone! They don’t “go everywhere” like public roads as needed for commuting and active transportation, plus some recreational cyclists find them boring – too straight, often “in the woods”, grades not over 4%, and the surface might not be paved. That said, there is a definite up-tick in the sales of hybrid and gravel bikes as more and more people are exploring rail trails and dirt roads. On the flip side, road bike imports and sales have fallen between 7-14% in the past two years based on industry reports. Those of us riding road bikes seem to be dwindling in numbers due to perceived dangers, age, families, health, or general interest. For whatever the reasons, our GSW headcount is declining with loss of about 200 in the past five years now having about 400 active memberships as we enter 2018. Any idea of ways to turn around this trend? Read More HERE

Rail Trail Etiquette

With more and more people using the rail trails in New Hampshire thanks to on-going development and a lot of hard work by volunteers, we hear of incidents which make biking or walking on the trails less than the best experience. Sometimes guidelines are posted at trailheads, parking lots, etc. but they are commonly not seen or ignored if they are seen and read – unfortunately. The following list has been compiled from various on-line sources and might provide some guidance for the next time you are using a rail trail – or at least you could tell someone else about established guidelines. Just like on-road cycling, a little common sense and courtesy goes a long way! See Tid-bits page

Why do Tandems go faster down hill than single bikes?

If you answered “gravity” you are only partly correct. Galileo showed in the 1600's that, in the absence of air resistance, two objects of different mass, when simultaneously dropped from the same height, will land at the same time. Did Galileo not ever experience a tandem rolling down hill???

At the risk of readers ignoring this article and going directly to their club mileage, I am going to introduce a little physics. First, the difference between mass and weight. In the imperial system pounds are used for both mass and weight—very confusing. Mass is the amount of matter present. Let’s say you have the mass of 50 kilograms (kg) (at one time I am sure this was your mass). Earth’s gravity will tug at you with a force of about 500 Newtons (N). If you were taken up into deep outer space your mass would still be 50 kg, but your weight or force due to gravity would be 0 N. You would be weightless, but with unchanging mass.

Newton ’s second law says that if you divide your force, (weight), by your mass you get your rate of acceleration. Read More HERE

Is an E-Bike in Your Future?

Yes, e-bikes are here to stay and are becoming more popular in this country every year. There is a lot of controversy about them within bike clubs, trail users, legal circles, transportation agencies, and even insurance companies. However, a general goal of “People for Bikes” and many other organizations is to get more people on more bikes more often. If e-bikes are part of the solution, so be it. They can be a great “equalizer” and allow a user to go further and optionally faster than on a conventional bicycle. That said here is a quick summary of the specs and general / sample laws concerning e-bikes. Read More HERE including September 2018 update.

Ride with GPS Club Account

This benefit for GSW members is now included in your membership.

Winter is over. Think Spring cycling! We have over 90 routes in our on-line library being viewed by over 60 GSW members but we welcome more of both. Check out this new free service for GSW members and enjoy all the benefits of your membership.

For over four decades, the GSW has used paper maps and cue sheets for some of our rides but with no consistency, retention, or sharing between club members. Most weekly rides are currently “Show and Go” with no documents or files to reference on the ride or later. Members who might wish to ride a given route on their own or be a GSW Ride Leader knowing where to lead a group definitely need to know ride details and be able to access the route information easily.

To address this need, the GSW has purchased a Ride with GPS Club Account so members can share their favorite routes and access posted routes anytime via computer, tablet, or smartphone. Many features are offered, all at no cost to GSW members. Read More HERE

Get Connected

Here's how YOU can join the conversation:

Our Facebook page and other social media are up and running with many interesting postings already. Your involvement on our various social media platforms helps GSW make a difference. Please like, share, tag and submit pictures from your rides, etc.
Read more about Meetup HERE
Read more about Strava HERE

Join the GSW E-Group
Simply send a message to:
You will then have Club notices
sent directly to your e-mail account.

Pedal Talk Delivery Options

How do you like to receive our bi-monthly GSW Pedal Talk newsletter?

Options are available for 1 and 3 year memberships.

1 year memberships
$15.00 Electronic Pedal Talk newsletter via email
$25.00 Printed Pedal Talk newsletter via USPS “snail mail”
$25.00 Dual Delivery option

3 year memberships
$40.00 Electronic Pedal Talk newsletter via email
$70.00 Printed Pedal Talk newsletter via USPS “snail mail”
$70.00 Dual Delivery option

Some people don’t want anything on paper but rather like the speed of email delivery, lower cost, and wish to be as “green” as possible. About 70% of the GSW has now “gone electronic.”

Other people “hate” email, don’t use a computer, want nothing to do with the Internet, and/or like the convenience of taking the paper version of Pedal Talk with them wherever they go.

Some members have expressed an interest in receiving both versions of Pedal Talk delivered for on-line reference and having the paper newsletter on the coffee table, in their car, or wherever. This “dual delivery” option is available at no extra cost above the normal “paper rate.” If you are interested in this option and are currently receiving the paper Pedal Talk via mail, just let me know and I will code your membership record accordingly. Anyone joining the GSW or renewing their membership at the $25.00 / $70.00 “paper rate” should request the “dual delivery” option if interested.

We aim to please our members, so “have it your way!”

Dave Topham,
GSW Memberships, 603.898.5479,

Rider Mileage Information HERE

Link to Notices of Interest to Concord Cyclists


Are you Curious about Yoga?

Our Pedal Talk Editor, Laurie Daley is also a certified Yoga Instructor! Click HERE for more information

Click on the rides links above or select the category of your choice in the left-hand column then join the fun! Are you wondering how to get started with the GSW? Check out the "Where Do I Start?" page for some suggestions. Please view our Meetings page. Once you see everything offered by the GSW you may just wish to join the club for only $15.00 a ear. Click over to the Memberships page to read more about the club. Check out our many rides and events including some local bicycling news and non-bicycling activities listed on our Special Events, Weekend Events, and "Tid-Bits" pages.

You may be interested in some of the many rewarding opportunities to volunteer in club activities. Check Volunteer Ops.

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In 2010 Linda Gould, a long time member of the GSW, rode the Great Lakes/Northern Tier Route from Buffalo, NY/Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada to Minneapolis, Minnesota. Read More HERE

"When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race."

H. G. Wells