GSW Board of Directors

Positions and Contacts

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President - Dave Topham

Vice President - Bill Hayne

Recording Secretary - Patty Tompkins

Social Secretary - Joanna Bligh

Treasurer - Dave Howard

Standing Committees

Banquets and Awards Coordinator - Molly Lunn Owen

Charity and Invitational Ride Coordinator - Laurie Daley

Memberships/Office - Dave Topham

GSW Office Assistant - Judi Hull

Merchandise Chairperson -Joanna Bligh

Club Mileage and Commuting Mileage - Hetty Andrews

Newsletter Editor - Laurie Daley

Newsletter Mailing - Dave Topham

Rides Coordinator - Mark St. Denis

Publicity Coordinator - Patty Tompkins

Safety and Education Coordinator - Open

Web Publisher - Barbara Amos

Weekend Events Coordinator - Marguerite Orazi

Seacoast Century General Coordinator - Mark MacKenzie

Granite State Wheelmen

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