GSW Club Ride with GPS Account

An exciting new benefit for GSW members is now included in your membership

Winter is over. Think Spring cycling! Plan your bike rides or share those you have taken. We have over 90 routes in our on-line library being viewed by over 60 GSW members but we welcome more of both. Check out this new free service for GSW members and enjoy all the benefits of your membership.

For over four decades, the GSW has used paper maps and cue sheets for some of our rides but with no consistency, retention, or sharing between club members. Most weekly rides are currently “Show and Go” with no documents or files to reference on the ride or later. Members who might wish to ride a given route on their own or be a GSW Ride Leader knowing where to lead a group definitely need to know ride details and be able to access the route information easily.

To address this need, in April 2017 the GSW purchased a Club Ride with GPS account so members can share their favorite routes and access posted routes anytime via computer, tablet, or smartphone. The "Premium" $80.00 set of RwGPS options are provided in the Club account. 

Some of the features included in the GSW Club Ride with GPS account include:

-- Routes sorted as desired by name, starting location, distance, and/or elevation with available downloadable maps, cue sheets, and GPS files for your Garmin or similar bike computer.

-- Smartphone apps for Android and iPhone devices provide interactive navigation while cycling with turns indicated via maps and voice. (Using a Bluetooth earbud and backup battery can be helpful.)

-- Your own personal account to plan or log your rides with trip details uploaded from your bike computer or entered manually from your computer or smart device.

-- Share your favorite route by simply emailing a link to the . After review, your ride will be added to the club library of routes for other members to access. Be sure to send your “route” with cue sheet and navigation aids, not just your “ride” that does not capture important details.

To get started:

Go to  then login to your existing personal account or sign-up for a free Ride with GPS “Starter” account.

After you are signed-in with your existing or new account, click this link to add your name to the GSW account. You will immediately have full use of the GSW Club Ride with GPS account including our growing library of GSW routes and all these features:

A GSW logo will appear in the lower left panel of your personal RwGPS home page -- click to access the Club page. (Hint: Open a second tab in your browser to easily switch between your personal and GSW RwGPS accounts.)

Please consider sharing your favorite routes! If you are not already a GSW member, consider joining the now to enjoy this "new $80.00/year perk" as part of your basic club membership.  Visit our web site to sign-up or renew your GSW membership!

Privacy counts! This GSW Club Ride with GPS account is for GSW members only. The listed rides and personal information will not be available to the public, sold, used, or otherwise targeted for spam. Your email address will be used only occasionally for GSW messages regarding this new service.   

Disclaimer: The GSW is not responsible for the accuracy of posted rides, road or traffic conditions, accidents, or any liability concerning use of the available ride routes. Ride leaders are encouraged to schedule club rides using the listed routes and doing so counts toward personal club mileage totals via the usual ride sign-in sheets and club guidelines. Simply riding on a listed route without it being a scheduled ride in Pedal Talk or MeetUp will not count as club mileage.

Enjoy all the GSW "perks" -- and cycle safely!

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