The 3C's to Help Avoid Bicycling Accidents

by the GSW Web Publisher


Remember you're a vehicle, with the same rights and responsibilities as our motorized brethren. Those responsibilities include obeying all traffic signs, particularly stop signs.

We want cars to share the road with us, so we must share with them. Single up when approached from the rear by traffic. One of the most commonly sited reasons for driver road rage is the cyclist's refusal to single up, even after repeated requests.

Leave plenty of room between you and the cyclist in front of you. If you knock his (or her) back tire, guess who'll go down? Right . . . you!

Ride as close as you safely can to the side of the road; avoid taking your half out of the middle.


Be consistent; no weaving all over the road, riding on the sidewalk, passing on the right, stopping short, speeding up and slowing down for no apparent reason or tailgating.

If you're riding with unfamiliar riders, give them plenty of room. Let them get to know your riding style while you get to know theirs - safely.


Group riding requires increased communication. Let the cyclists around you know what you're about to do. Signal or yell out your next move, including turns, slowdowns, debris or obstacles in road, passing (on left only; no passing on right), and stops.

If you've never ridden in groups before, let the leader know; he or she will be glad to show you what the correct signals are.

GSW wants to prevent as many accidents as possible. If you see a fellow cyclist riding irresponsibly, let the ride leader know. It's much easier to give riders with a "safety tune up" than to scrape them up off the road.

Enjoy the fabulous summer riding season. But make it a safe one!

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Safety and Education Coordinator