Ten Tips for Group Riding
Where Do I Start?
The 3C's
Brake for Safety-Maybe Not
Road Warrior
Night Riding
Fueling a Century

Biking 101


Designed with the new rider in mind, this section provides essentials for the beginning group cyclist. Start with Ten Tips for Group Riding and then Where Do I Start, which provides info on how to get involved with our bike club. Check out our 3C's and Brake for Safety - Maybe Not articles for a little common sense that goes a long way toward avoiding accidents.

For some good hints about proper nutrition for our longer rides, check out the Fueling for a Strong Century article by Hilary Warner. Cycling is great exercise and a lot of fun, but you must keep your body fueled and hydrated.

A revised set of Night Riding Guidelines is now available on-line and was printed in the January-February 2004 Pedal Talk. For those of you riding at night or just on dark winter days with poor visibility, please check out and follow these guidelines for your own safety.

A brochure from the State of NH Bike-Ped Committee is aimed at both bicyclists and motorists. Called Road Hog / Road Warrior, it is available in PDF format on this web site or by visiting the State of New Hampshire Bicycle-Pedestrian Information Center.

Many resources for bicycling education are available by visiting the web site for the League of American Bicyclists. Their League Cycling Program with certified instructors and on-line educational information provide a wealth of knowledge. The GSW is pleased to be affiliated with this national organization as we attempt to further bicycling education for both the bicyclist and the motorist.

If you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in this section, please contact the GSW.

Safety and Education Coordinator