Safety and Education Committee Report

New Hampshire Bike-Walk Summit
Planned for July 14th

New Hampshire bicyclists and bike-ped advocates are invited to a Statewide Bike-Walk Summit on Saturday, July 14th at Concord Crossing, 2 Whitney Road, Suite 11 in Concord from 9am to 1pm. This event is hosted jointly by the Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire (BWANH) and the Granite State Wheelmen (GSW) bicycle club. In a recent survey, New Hampshire bicyclists and others told us they support a statewide bike-ped advocacy organization. We are holding this Summit to discuss how to transform our organizations to make them more relevant, effective and beneficial to the bike-ped community. The only way to do this is by having a broad spectrum of participants from across the state working together to shape the future they want to see.

Registration for the New Hampshire Bike-Walk Summit is free, and includes lunch and  light refreshments. To register, go to and sign up by July 7th. Participation by interested individuals, bicyclists, bike-ped advocates, community organizations, bicycle clubs, trail organizations, bike shops and related businesses is encouraged. The Summit will feature a speaker from a successful New England State bike-ped organization, updates from clubs and organizations across the state, and a format designed to identify and build on New Hampshire's strengths in advocacy, safety and education programs, and bicycling and walking opportunities.

Sign up for the NH Bike-Walk Summit now. Help shape the future of New Hampshire bike-ped opportunities!

Results from “Shaping New Hampshire Bicycling Survey 2018” conducted in April

  • 320 people responded to the survey
  • Bicyclists indicated they ride on roads 88%, trails 71%, or mountain bike 36%
  • 47% use bicycle occasionally for work or errands, 6% as primary transportation
  • 83% supported a state-wide bike-ped advocacy organization that also provides some recreational rides and events
  • 78% were interested in attending a NH Bike-Walk Summit and 33% indicated they'd be willing to volunteer to assist a state-wide bike-ped organization.
  • 33% indicated they'd be willing to volunteer to assist a state-wide bike-ped organization.
  • Interest in advocacy focused on staying informed national/state issues 61%, and support for State legislation to protect vulnerable road users 48%


Make sure to wear at least one item of reflective outerwear apparel, such as a reflective vest, jacket, or helmet strip, during the period from 1/2 hour after sunset to 1/2 hour before sunrise.

Safety and Education Coordinator

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