Other Rides


The GSW promotes cycling activities beyond the scope of the club by listing Charity and Invitational rides and events that may be of interest to our membership. These activities are generally within fairly easy access to our members, and they follow the guidelines listed on this web site. Club mileage is allowed for these events, but it is the responsibility of the participants to record their mileage and report it to the correct Mileage Coordinator for credit.

Charity Rides

These are fund-raising rides for specific causes. Some are single day rides while others take a weekend or longer. GSW members may participate as individual riders or part of "Team GSW" wearing the club colors. Please contact the person listed for any given ride for details, including the minimum amount of money to be raised per rider.

Invitational Rides

Rides conducted by area bike clubs and other organizations for recreation, not fund-raising, are considered invitationals. These rides are often free, but some events such as Century rides will have a fee. Again, please contact the person listed for the ride of your choice for more details.

Charity and Invitationals Coordinator