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Board Members' Message

President Mark Mac Kenzie has stepped down from his position. We thank him for his service to the Granite State Wheelmen. In addition to the President's position, we have a number of other key vacancies, so the Board will be meeting in January to lay out a strategy for moving forward to fill key leadership positions.

Message from Past President Mark Mac Kenzie:

It is time to thank the many people who have given their time to make the wheels roll in this organization and to plan for the future. Essential volunteers have gone beyond what is expected, and carried a large part of the load for this club. The challenges we face are significant not just for us but for the cycling community and others who pursue alternative transportation opportunities. Traffic is increasing on our roads, and motorized vehicles are trying to overrun rail trails and set aside years of work to which they have contributed little. So how do we move forward? The GSW has a long history of promoting recreational cycling, helping introduce people to bikes and each other. This is our niche and our future. It does, however, leave a big gap. Advocacy and organizing for political and legislative action will be important for all of us if we are to make progress for our community. We have a responsibility to contribute to this solution. I have offered suggestions to the Board to help position us for the future. It has been an honor to serve as your President.

President, Vice President, Merchandise Chairperson , Social Secretary, Publicity Coordinator, Safety and Education Coordinator, Seacoast Century Volunteer Coordinator Positions Open!

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please contact

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