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President's Message

Building a Strong Club

 If a club is going to be successful, it needs to answer this fundamental question “how do we add value to people’s lives”? In this busy world in which we live there is little time to waste. Potential members need a good answer. With this in mind, the Board of the Granite State Wheelmen has been working hard to make sure we can respond.

What does adding value mean and how can we determine this for the organization? First, we need to look at who we are trying to attract to the club or in other words determine our audience. Secondly, we need a clear idea of what members want from this club. Said simply are people buying what we are selling.

Given this club has been around for more than 40 years speaks volumes. It shows people are interested in a recreational cycling club where they can meet new people, learn new skills and generally enjoy being outside. Most of us, probably agree with this abbreviated mission statement. The challenge is turning these words into an action plan.

First step is establishing a dialogue with members using their feedback to “position” the organization. This process will help build a relationship with the members, the key to any successful organization. Members need to be invested and feel responsible for the outcome of their club.

We are fortunate to have long time members with institutional knowledge who helped us understand our past. We must now work together to determine our future. Here are some of the things we are doing.

We will soon conduct a survey of past and current members and people who are connected with us through things like MeetUp. The survey will include questions designed to give us a profile of people who have interest in the club and generally with the sport. This will be supplemented by focus groups which will bring together people to exchange ideas and offer insight.

In the meantime, we are working on a number of projects to help market the club. Soon we will roll out a new website and new materials designed to reinforce the concept of a recreational biking club which welcomes people of all abilities. We will integrate this concept into our social media as well.

New benefits are rolling out including the Club Ride with GPS account, a powerful tool for people looking for rides of all kinds in the area. Members can simply log into the club account and search the library. The rides can be sorted by area, distance, elevation and other criteria and routes can be downloaded to GPS devices, or detailed cue sheets can be printed.

We continue to see a growing number of people signing up for the MeetUp group. The challenge now is to find ways to transition those people into members.

A few new weekend rides have been added this year. These have been very popular in the past, and we hope to get some insight into this kind of offering using the survey tool. We also have the Seacoast Century coming up in September. The club will need all hands for this event.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark S. MacKenzie
GSW President

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