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President's Message


GSW Welcomes You

President's Message

Hello GSW Members,

Time to step up …

Recently I was reviewing the member's survey sent out a few years ago. Thanks to all of you who took the time to response -- very interesting information. We are going to use the feedback as a guide for the clubs activities going forward.

As I said in the last PedalTalk it is time to rediscover our roots, to look back over the years and see what made this club successful. At one point, we had well over a thousand members. They came together to ride bikes and have fun.

Along the way, they learned new skills, found new places to bike and new coffee shops to rest and hang out together.

Over the years, I have like many of you been involved in local organizations and nonprofits. Some were fun and others a grind. The most rewarding groups always had a couple of things in common: good relationships among board members and interested people who valued the club and were willing to step up and help.

So with that in mind we have started the process of rebuilding. Some of the stuff is a little boring but necessary. We have a budget in place for the first time. Some new officers who are learning and contributing. We held our first planning meeting in January and have identified 4-5 projects we would like to move forward.

The most exciting thing is a new development fund in the budget. We encourage members to come to us with ideas you think will help build the club and we will work with you to try and make it happen.

The club is also working on making the monthly meetings more interesting. We heard you when you asked for more tips about riding and basic maintenance. The upcoming meeting will include this info.

We will also branch out and offer instruction and training tips for GPS devices. Show you how your bike should fit and teach new safety tips for the roads and maybe throw in a nutrition class.

When things warm up in the spring we will be combining some rides with our meetings and maybe stop along the way to have pizza and refreshments.

Another exciting thing we are looking at is a club account with Ride with GPS . Members will have access to ride sheet and GPS files for routes all over the state. Hopefully this will encourage new ride leaders to step up and feel confident when they volunteer to take a group out.

Finally, we will look to adapt this club so people of all ages and abilities will feel comfortable and welcomed to our meetings and rides. This is your club and we will shape it based on your feedback and input.

Your club needs help to make this happen. So let’s find ways to work together, meet each other and have fun.

Respectfully submitted,

Mark S. MacKenzie

GSW President

Rides Coordinator , Social Secretary and Publicity Board Positions Open!

If you are interested in filling one of these positions, please contact

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