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President's Message

“Know Thyself”

How often have we use the words “I know myself and….” It is an expression of our likes and dislike and the product of many years of introspection. It guides our decisions and helps to manage the expectations in our own lives.

Sound a little heavy for a bike club I know. But if you think about it, each organization has a responsibility to answer this question. So many groups roll along year after year managing the status quo when they might be better served by looking at some fundamental questions on a regular basis.

Let’s draw on what we know and make some comparisons. The last Seacoast Century was a great event and a good example of solid planning which takes into consideration what members want and like. The route was planned with great care. It looked in to account a number of variables and decisions were made based on what we know would best serve the riders.

This careful planning resulted in a successful event enjoyed by hundreds of riders. As a rider and a member of the support team, I felt proud of what the club had done. The gathering of riders on Saturday in the pavilion enjoying some hearty soup and spending time together was all I needed to see to tell me we did ok.

The century is a notable example of a focused group working together on a club project. The goals were clear, and together we did terrific work. This demonstrates to me how capable and talented this club membership is and what we can accomplish.

The next step is to tap into this energy and look at the other work which needs to be done to build the club. But before we can do this work we need a clear idea of what we are trying to accomplish and a process to measure our success.

For example, we have talked about increasing the club membership and have strategize about how to grow. But have we in recent years set membership goals? Have we decided on a target number for this year or future years? We would not set out to ride a century without planning and should not ask our members to “take this ride” without a thoughtful process in place .

This year at the end of my 50-mile loop on this Century Weekend I got a message which was embedded in the Ride with GPS file. It came alive and congratulated me for finishing. Very cool and fun to hear.

Let’s create this kind atmosphere as we come together to do the clubs work and experience the sense of accomplishment many of us feel at the end of a good ride. Everyone is invited.

Over the next year, I am planning on creating a structure of advisory committees in addition to the board. They may come together for one meeting or a series of meetings. This will give us the opportunity to tap into members who might like to help but can’t commit to a board position.

Finally, I think the time might have come to hire some staff for this organization to help manage various aspects of the club. We have been fortunate to have members who have spent years doing this work and have done an excellent job. I do think however finding a new set of volunteers to take over some aspects of the club might be a challenge when some key volunteers step back.

Taking on staff is a big step and is not without its own challenges The Board, and the membership have an obligation, however, to look towards the future and ensure the smooth running of the club.

Again all are welcome to participate in helping build a strong and successful club. I look forward to working with you all.

Respectfully submitted,
Mark S. MacKenzie

Merchandise Chairperson , Social Secretary and Publicity Board Positions Open!

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