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Message from the GSW President

Let’s get ready to ride!

While we have snow on the ground as I write this message in February, come March and April our “little wheels” should be rolling again on dry roads. Of course, some of you “all weather cyclists” rode all winter, and maybe on “fat bikes” some of the time!

Our 2019 GSW cycling season is shaping up to be an active one with new weekend events planned – and a new name for the club! The name-change survey sent to all current members in January resulted in a 2:1 vote in favor of “Wheelers” to replace “Wheelmen” everywhere the club name appears. A “Name Change Committee” headed by Joanna Bligh will lead this effort. Many comments, pro and con, on the proposed change were received but in the end majority rules. Quite a few cycling organizations have changed their club names in recent years to drop “men” so after 48 years the GSW will implement the same change over time. A lot is involved as legal and financial records must be changed, not just logos, stationery, and merchandise imprints. If you would like to join the “Name Change Committee” to help make this happen, please contact Joanna at cell 857.919.7939.

Thinking of the GSW Board, at our first 2019 meeting the Board welcomed long-time member Al Jones as our new Safety and Education Chairperson. Filling that position completes all slots for the first time in several years! With a good mix of “old timers” and “newcomers” on the 2019 Board, I feel we have a great team to move the club forward this year.

I am pleased to report that good progress is being made on plans for our 46th annual Seacoast Century Weekend on September 20-22. Donna Hepp, our event coordinator for the past five years, has enrolled new Board members with unique leadership skills to help organize our 2019 event. (See Donna’s article in this newsletter.) We will continue to offer the same rides on both days with an early check-in option on Friday afternoon. The routes will be the same as used in 2017 and 2018. Of course, many volunteers are needed not just during the event but for critical pre - and post-event activities. See the on-line “Sign-Up” page to choose one or more slots where you can help!

Our monthly in-season “social meetings” will be held at the Concord Crossing facility (thanks to the Bike-Walk Alliance of NH) and also at sponsoring bike shops in different areas of southeast NH. Our goal is to reach more members and guests without expecting everyone to drive to Concord. Giving our sponsoring shops a little exposure and us seeing the latest “bike stuff” is a win-win combination. Be sure to check the meeting schedule on page 5 for details.

Note that safety is a primary concern of the GSW whether you are cycling with the club or own your own. Car-bike crashes have increased greatly in recent years thanks to the “DDDD motorists” – Drunk, Drugged, Distracted, and Deliberate aggressive actions. Please follow all rules of the road, be courteous, take a bike-ed refresher class or a course offered by BWANH, wear hi-viz gear, and use bright blinking LED headlights and tail lights day and night to make yourself as conspicuous as possible.

Enjoy your cycling and stay safe!

Dave Topham
GSW President

Granite State Wheelmen