GSW Ride and Mileage Credit Guidelines

Effective March 1, 2011

The following credit guidelines are based on those first released in October 2000, revised in November 2001, April 2004 and now again in March 2011. We have attempted to better address new questions and concerns regarding GSW rides and mileage credits. If you are wondering how to get started with the GSW and don't care about all the details at this time, please click here for some suggestions.

The intent is to clarify what rides and events should be allowed mileage credits to be tracked by Club Mileage Chairperson and what constitutes club rides. Listings in Pedal Talk are to follow these guidelines to eliminate any confusion. No actual changes are being made to the ride policy or mileage tracking concepts that have been in place for years, but rather the goal is to re-state the guidelines and document them to “level the playing field” for all GSW members. All rides and events must be listed in Pedal Talk, and all must be in the proper category.

Please reference the updated credit guidelines and print a copy if desired. A separate document for defining Ride Leader Guidelines, i.e. how to organize and conduct a GSW ride, will be available and posted to this web site in June 2004.

What is Commuter Mileage?

Commuter Mileage includes using your bicycle, rather than a motor vehicle, for transportation on any errand or to reach any destination such as work, school, shopping, to pay a bill, or to reach a GSW ride site etc. The GSW ecourages commuting and recognizes high mileage commuters at the Annual Fall Banquet.

Commuter Mileage is tracked from October 1st through September 30th of each year.

Note: Mileage may be submitted by mail or email and must be received by the first of every even-numbered month to appear in the next issue of Pedal Talk.

Road and Tandem mileage are now recorded separately. If "T" is added along with your signature and printed name, you will get Tandem Mileage.
If you would rather have Road Mileage, just leave off the "T".

Send Commuter Mileage to:

Hetty Andrews
44 Deerhaven Drive
Nashua NH 03064

Granite State Wheelmen