Granite State Wheelmen
New Member and Renewal Application

For renewals, please include your Pedal Talk address label or membership number. 

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Name(s) _____________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________

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Telephone (___) ____________ E-mail ____________________________________

Emergency name and phone number _______________________________________

Your interests: On road __ Off road __ Tandem__ Commuting__ Recumbent__

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I (We) will not hold the Granite State Wheelmen, Inc., its officers or members responsible for any injury or damages incurred while participating in any club function.

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Membership rates per household. Please indicate your selections:

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Bi-monthly newsletter delivery option desired:

1 year "electronic" $15_____ or 1 year "paper" $25 ______

3 year "electronic" $40_____ or 3 year "paper" $70 ______

Optional "dual delivery" at the $25 or $70 "paper" levels _____

New memberships includes one window decal.
Extra decals are $1.50 each.

Make check payable to and mail to:

Granite State Wheelmen, Inc.
215 South Broadway # 216
Salem, NH 03079-3322