GSW Annual Seacoast Century, 2016

Come join us for the 43rd Annual Seacoast Century Ride!
Saturday, September 24 - Sunday, September 25, 2016

Don't forget, our 43rd annual Seacoast Century is September 24-25, 2016. Here's the link to register:

Where will we pedal?  Click the following link for the 1.2 MB PDF file of all routes with maps, cue sheets, and more info.  The second link downloads a ZIP file with three types of GPS files for each of the four routes.  Individual "Ride with GPS" route numbers are also listed for devices like the Wahoo RFLKT. 

If riding the Full Century, we recommend cycling the 17-mile "South Loop" first as a "warm-up" then stopping at Headquarters to prep for the 24-mile route into Maine for the next rest stop. And two more rest stops after that!

Map and cue sheet packet for all routes

GPS bundle with .tcx, .gpx, and .kml files

"Ride with GPS" South Loop (for Full Century):

"Ride with GPS" North Loop (for Full Century):

"Ride with GPS" Half Century:

"Ride with GPS" Metric Century: 

Above files effective 9/3/2016.


What's Planned for the Century ?

The Seacoast Century offers two days of riding our scenic 25,50, 63 and 100 mile routes with Hampton Beach State Park as the start and finish. We'll continue the popular early check in on Friday evening and offer a Bike EXPO on Saturday. Registration includes a bowl of soup and a roll for all riders (and free for volunteers!). We're working on Towns on permits now, fine-tuning the route near York and lining up vendors for the EXPO. REMINDER: If you plan to Volunteer, don't register on BikeReg, just contact us.

Volunteer and ride! - see details below.  

Volunteer for the Seacoast Century and Ride for Free!

The key to a great 2016 Seacoast Century is our volunteers. Can you help us out prior to or during the Century Weekend - September 23-25, 2016? Here's a quick Seacoast Century survey to help us tap into your skills and learn how and when you're available to help. Just click on this link and fill out the Volunteer Survey and we'll be in touch.

We really appreciate your help. The good news is - if you volunteer four hours of your time - you can ride the Century for free, get a nice tee shirt, a bowl of soup and get to meet a lot of cool bikers that love riding as much as you do. No need for any other sign up (do not register on BikeReg). The survey should cover what we need to know and then we'll be back in touch to confirm your volunteer role. To volunteer or answer questions contact: Donna Hepp or Mark Mac Kenzie, at .

How Can You Help?

Volunteers play a great many roles.

Prior to Century Weekend: If you want to help before the Century Weekend, we need volunteers to help mark the routes, shop for Century food and supplies, publicity, checking over supplies, and work with sponsors and the Century Bike EXPO. We are also looking at a few folks to take the lead on key roles: Volunteer Coordination, Century EXPO Coordination, Rest Stop Coordinators, and Communications/Media. We will be hosting a Bike EXPO on Saturday afternoon after the ride at the Hampton Beach Pavilion with vendors from bicycle shops, clubs, tour companies, bike gear manufacturers, etc. as well as a catered meal of soup or chowder.

Century Weekend: On Friday, September 23rd, volunteers assist by loading and unloading the rental truck, setting up Headquarters at Hampton Beach, separating the Century food and gear for the rest stops and then holding early check-in for riders on Friday evening. On Saturday and Sunday, we'll need volunteers to check-in riders, staff the rest stops, support vehicle drivers, assistance with the Rider Hot Line (dispatch support vehicles) and help selling merchandise and checking in riders at the end of the day. On Saturday, we'll also need some folks in the afternoon to assist with serving food and provide information during the Bike EXPO. On Sunday afternoon, we'll need a crew to help with breaking down Headquarters, packing up the rental truck, and delivering the gear back to our storage unit. If you are interested in getting involved with the 2016 Century contact us!

Seacoast Century EXPO Vendor and Sponsorship Opportunities:
If you are interested in EXPO vendor or Century Sponsor opportunities, contact Donna Hepp at

Donna Hepp and Mark Mac Kenzie Century Co-Coordinators

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