2017 Seacoast Century Weekend

Brilliant Summer-like Weather and New Route

Ft. McClary Sag Stop

We can't promise summer's best weather for the Seacoast Century, but love when it happens. The warm weather and gentle breeze made for a pair of perfect days. One rider said, “I hope heaven is like this.” Riders joined us from across New England, Quebec, and the US from California to Florida including 40 from an Oklahoma cycling club.

Registration (1277 riders) was up 13% from 2016. A new Century loop through Eliot.Maine sparked some excitement and inland loops were fine-tuned. New rest stops in York and Eliot took additional support supplied by partnering with local church and school booster groups in Eliot. This makes the Seacoast Century a fund-raiser for local organizations as well as bicycling safety and education. It connects the Granite State Wheelmen with Seacoast communities at a deeper level and added some terrific new volunteers from youth groups.

Our volunteers, and police details are appreciated by the riders. We could not host the Century without them. This year there were close to 100 volunteers including the Eliot groups to make this Century a success. Volunteers make it happen and we've built an event that riders return to year after year because of the scenery and great support. This year our riders ranged from 8 to 84 years old. Lotta Berglund of Durham, set a new record as the youngest rider to complete the full Seacoast Century at age 9, besting her sister Addie's record at age 11 in 2015. Bob Tobey, a GSW member was back for his 43 rd Seacoast Century. He's done all but one of them over the years. This year we offered special recognition for folks that chose the Seacoast Century for their first 100-mile event.

Next year is our 45 th Seacoast Century – the sapphire anniversary. The dates are September 22-23 th . We will begin planning for next year this winter. If you are interested in learning more about our Seacoast Planning Team, we can always use new ideas and invite you to join us. We are looking for folks to step in and get involved, especially with GSW merchandise, volunteer coordination which is now using SignUp, a great online tool and other key roles.

Special thanks to our 2017 Seacoast Century Committee: Mark Mac Kenzie – Co-Coordinator, Volunteers, Mechanics, SAGs and Sound; Donna Hepp- Co-Coordinator, Permits, BikeReg, Police details, Media, Records; Theresa and Garry Gerosee – Food & Supplies, Merchandise and Finances; Al Jones – Storage; Bill Kennedy – Routes, Maps and Marking; Bob Koehler – Merchandise, Tee Shirts & Hotline; Dave Topham- Century Materials, Online tools, Rest Stop Lead and Coach; Jeff McKillip – Data & Spreadsheets; Bill Fisk- Rental Truck Driver; Joshua Walter , Cathi Mc Grevey, Jeff Rees, Jodi Synder, Thom and Kathi Rossi and Linda Gould – Rest Stop Leads; Jean Manning, Paula and Jim Fines- Registration Leads.

If you are interested in getting involved with the 2018 Century Committee contact Donna Hepp dhepp3@gmail.com or Mark MacKenzie gswcentury@gmail.com

Addie, and Lotta Berglund of Durham, 13 and 9 completed 2017 Seacoast Century 100 mile route on single bikes. Lotta now holds the record as the youngest to complete the full Seacoast Century.



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