2018 Seacoast Century Weekend - September 22-23, 2018

Mark down September 22-23, 2018 on your calendar! Our 45th Anniversary for the Seacoast Century is coming up and it will be great (with your help). In 2017, we offered a new route for the full Century which traveled through Eliot, Maine. With the help of our awesome GSW volunteers, local volunteer groups in Eliot, all our partners, and some outstanding weather, our Seacoast Century riders were impressed and looking forward to returning in 2018.

The key to our past and future success with the Century is our volunteers. We need a strong Century Planning Committee as in the past and need to ask members to consider volunteering during, prior or at the conclusion of the Century. We plan to expand partnerships with local volunteer groups in Hampton, Kittery, York and Hampton to help at the Rest Stops. Youth groups at local schools and churches are looking for fund-raising opportunities and their involvement further connects cycling and our event into seacoast communities. We also need to continue and expand our strong base of GSW volunteers involved in the Century. It is a terrific way to meet and work with other Club members across the state and you get a free Century ride, tee shirts, soup and as many pbj sandwiches as you like. What could be better! We used almost 100 volunteers in 2017 and learned a lot about juggling with adding two more rest stops. That experience positions us well for this year.

In January, the Century Planning Committee will get rolling for 2018. We'll also be contacting past Century volunteers to seek your involvement and suggestions for making our 2018 Century a great experience for both riders and volunteers. We are looking for folks for some key roles such as GSW merchandise, volunteer coordination which is now using SignUp, a great online tool and an Assistant Century Coordinator to work with the Team. If you are interested in getting involved, or have questions, please contact the Seacoast Century Coordinator, Donna Hepp at 414-837-8976 or email dhepp3@gmail.com.

Special thanks again to our 2017 Seacoast Century Committee: Mark Mac Kenzie – Co-Coordinator, Volunteers,Mechanics, SAGs and Sound; Donna Hepp- Co-Coordinator, Permits, BikeReg, Police details, Media, Records; Theresa and Garry Gerosee – Food & Supplies, Merchandise and Finances; Al Jones – Storage; Bill Kennedy – Routes, Maps and Marking; Bob Koehler – Merchandise, Tee Shirts &Hotline; Dave Topham- Century Materials, Online tools, and Coach; Jeff Mc Killip – Data & Spreadsheets; Bill Fisk- Rental Truck Driver; Rest Stop Leads – Dave Topham, Cathi Mc Grevey, Joshua Walter, Jeff Rees, Jodi Synder, Thom and Kathi Rossi and Linda Gould; Registration Leads - Jean Manning, Paula and Jim Fines.





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