Tri-State Seacoast Century, September 26-27, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for the Seacoast Century?

We reached our limit of 1600 riders on August 27. Sorry if registration was full when you applied. Please try to register earlier next year.

What are the dates for the 2000 Seacoast Century?

September 26-27, 2009.  (The third weekend after Labor Day.)

What are the dates for the 2010 event?

The third weekend after Labor Day, which will be September 25-26, 2010.

Is there a limit on the number of riders you will allow to attend?

Yes, 1,600 riders for the weekend. All riders must register on-line with and will receive a T-shirt upon check-in.

Why is this a two-day event? Most century rides are only one day!

Simple answer: Flexibility! While a National Century (100 miles) is to be completed in ten consecutive hours, by offering rides of 25, 50, 63, and 100 miles on both days riders can pick the day of their choice -- or ride on both days with full services for less than two single-day registrations. Many people come from out of state, maybe do the full Century on Saturday, take a shorter ride on Sunday, socialize from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, then head for home or other attractions in our Granite State. More flexibility exists as we do not have a mass-start and riders can pedal north or south first thus avoiding crowded roadways, not to mention a lower risk of accidents.

Is there an optional dinner?

There are no planned dinners or social events other than meeting other riders at headquarters and the Maine rest stop. There are many local and excellent restaurants where cyclists may gather to swap stories, talk about the event, and dine when and where wanted. For more information about restaurants and accommodations, please visit, call 1-866-230-9011, or contact the Hampton Chamber of Commerce at 1-800-GET-A-TAN.

How are the roads?

All roads are paved and very suitable for riding a Century. The route is very scenic but not fast as we use many side roads and travel through some congested areas. But there are very few hills! (Yes, our Century is "flatter than the flattest" -- sorry, NBW!) Total elevation climbed for the entire 100 mile route is less than 1,500 vertical feet. However, no guarantees on the wind or the weather!

What about the police?

All police departments along our route have been informed about our event and will be enforcing the rules of the road. We will have police details stationed at key intersections, patrolling the route, and at headquarters. They will be assisted by some of our volunteers acting as route marshals who will be wearing safety-green T-shirts. Our goal is to make our event as safe and enjoyable as possible for all participants while still sharing the roads with motorists.

Police details in cruisers and unmarked cars will stop and ticket riders who blatantly ignore the rules of the road. Cycling two or more abreast and impeding the flow of normal traffic will not be tolerated.

Do I have to let you know the distance I will be riding?

No, you can ride any distance you choose as long as you return by 5:00 PM.

Can I buy a extra T-shirt the day of the ride?

Only late Sunday afternoon. We purchase enough for all pre-registered riders, plus a few extras. T-shirts will be distributed at the beginning of the ride.

Can I exchange my T-shirt for a different size at the event?

Only late Sunday afternoon, after all other riders receive theirs.

What is the weather like that time of year?

Daytime temperatures are generally in the 50's and 60's, although, it can be much cooler at the start of the ride at 7:00 AM.

What food will be available at the rest stops?

In past years we have had cookies, crackers, oranges, bananas, peanut butter sandwiches made with "When Pigs Fly" gourmet bread, water, and Gatorade. We will continue to offer these items.

Can I register by mail?

All registration will be done on-line with starting in April when the 2008 account is activated. Mail-in and walk-in registrations are not available.

Can I get a cue sheet before the ride?

No. Due to possible road construction, the cue sheets are not finalized until just before the event.

Can I get a map of the ride?

This website has a basic map posted for viewing.

Where do you recommend we stay in the area?

We cannot recommend any specific accommodations, but keep in mind that our headquarters is located at Hampton Harbor, the southerly-end of Hampton Beach. We suggest you contact the Hampton Beach Chamber of Commerce at, call 1-800-GET-A-TAN, or visit the commercial web site, call 1-866-230-9011.

Will there be any bike repairs available?

We expect to have local bike shops assisting riders at the headquarters and at the Maine rest stop at Fort McClary. Bike mechanics will not patrol the route -- be prepared and reasonably self-sufficient!

Will I receive information on next year’s ride?

All registered 2008 participants were sent an email in April 2008 announcing the registrations for September 26-27, 2009 are now being accepted. All 2009 participants will be notified of the 2010 Seacoast Century about April 2010.

More questions?

Please use the following email link to contact the GSW if your questions have not been answered above.


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