Shop Talk with Sue - our Sponsoring Shops Coordinator

Hi Everybody,

Are you excited as I am to finally see the sun out? We have waited for so long that we all deserve a work skip day to enjoy a nice day out on the open road. Do you have a favorite place where you like to ride? Mine is by the ocean and my starting point is always Gus’ Bike Shop because the guys check out my bike and pump my tires for me. Riding by the ocean is so beautiful and sometimes I notice myself slowing down to watch the waves, it is easy to get lost in moment.

So I think it is safe to assume that we all have been out for our first bike ride of the season, but if not what are you waiting for? Taking your time and enjoying the view is for everyone and don’t be put off by having to ride alone to build endurance or riding with the slower groups. Check out the listings and descriptions for the rides in your area and I am sure you will find one that fits your speed. If not think about being a ride leader and start your own group from your favorite destination.

Have you been thinking about upgrading your bike, getting a new helmet, changing the tape on your handle bars or anything that would be a good excuse to visit one of our local sponsor shops? If you are looking for something special give the store a call first and maybe you could make a quick stop after work. Getting creative with work and other responsibilities is very important because we have to also plan for the weather as well. My plan is to take half-days so I can go to work and get out early to hit the open road and get some much needed sun on my back.

Cycling is cool and get involved in volunteering. It is a good way to get involved because there are so many great events coming up that you won’t want to miss. Have a great day and get out for a bike ride!

Susan Littlefield
Sponsoring Shops Coordinator

Sponsoring Shops Coordinator