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The Granite State Wheelmen, formed in 1971, is operated mostly by volunteers and a few paid board members who enjoy bicycling and wish others to join us in this popular sport. We appreciate constructive suggestions, will try to correct errors, and we're always looking for new ideas. Better yet, we welcome volunteers who share our enthusiasm for bicycling and are willing to help make things happen by contributing their time and expertise. For more information about volunteer opportunities within the GSW, please write, call, e-mail, or contact any Board member.

Opportunities abound!

Many thanks to those who have come forward to fill our Board positions!

2019 Seacoast Century - September 20-22, 2019

Planning for our 46th Seacoast Century Weekend is underway. We're looking at using the same route as last year which includes traveling along the Piscataway River on the 100 mile route. We plan to open registration in February 2019. Mark Mac Kenzie will be coordinating the Century this year. He's looking for folks to fill a few key roles. Donna Hepp will be assisting Mark with coordinating arrangements for Park and Town permits. She would like to work with another volunteer to pass on her experience in 2019. Other Planning Team roles available include leads for Purchasing Food & Supplies, Merchandise Sales and Volunteer Coordination. There are good references/guides and coaching available to those stepping into these jobs. We'll be setting up the 2019 SignUp link to volunteer for the Century. Once the link is ready for 2019, you can scroll through the volunteer tasks and choose one (or several!) that you'd be interested in.

We need to continue and expand our strong base of GSW volunteers involved in the Century. It is a good way to meet and work with other Club members across the state, earn a free Century ride, tee shirts, soup and as many pbj sandwiches as you like. We use almost 100 volunteers prior and during the Century. Last year local volunteer groups in Eliot helped fill support our rest stop there and several Kittery church groups expressed interest in helping us at Fort Mc Clary in 2019.

If you are interested in getting involved, or have questions, please contact the Seacoast Century Coordinator,
Mark Mac Kenzie at msmackenzie98@gmail.com or 603-867-9755

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